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Network Features

Social Networking

Connect, chat, follow and share around a common interest of business development.

eLearning Center

The eLearning Center includes a variety of micro-courses to promote continuing education.


Setup and manage your online store and sell your services in the marketplace.

Job Board

Post your job listings on the Job Board. Candidates can browse listings and apply online.

Points & Rewards

Earn valuable points that can be shared or used to shop at the marketplace.

Personal Landing Page

Your landing page with unique URL drives traffic, generates sales, and track your referrals.

Affiliate Account

The affiliate account allows you to earn extra income marketing this program in your networks.


Participate in and benefit from the universal law of reciprocity – what goes around comes around.

Membership Plans

Join the Premium Membership and get 200,000 JumpStart Points added to your account!

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