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Welcome to the ClickPointz™ Network Freelance Marketplace!

The Marketplace works just like Fiverr and allow freelance digital service providers promote their products and services in this exclusive community.


Create Your Store Account


List Your Business in the Directory


Set Your Prices & Terms


Accept Digital Points or Credit Card


Communicate With Customer Through


Track Earnings




The ClickPointz™ app provides an innovative way for you to pay-it-forward and support your favorite non-profit organization. When you earn digital points, you can donate them to the organization of your choice.


Your back-office control panel works just like Fiverr and includes everything you need to connect with your customers, process their orders, and manage your store account.

Create A Service

Freelance Digital Service providers can login and create their service listing including description, pricing, delivery time, and other terms.

Add Questionaire

Add questions with varying criteria needed to start the job. The order will start after all the questions have been answered by the customer.

Email Notifications

When a service is purchased, you will receive an email for the respective purchase as well as for each conversation trigger afterwards.

Order Management

A dedicated order management system provides an easy way for you and your customers to manage current and previous purchases.

Conversation Channel

You and your customers can communicate in real-time using the conversation box to resolve any issues regarding the services sold.

Final Delivery

The final deliver check box indicate the job is complete. Once checked, the delivery will be final and will go to the customer for approval.

Review & Ratings

The review and rating feature allows you to receive ratings from your customers. In addition, you can also rate your customers.

Tracking & Reports

Your back-office control panel allow you to track all customers, all transactions, income earned and generate reports in real time.

Directory Listing

Join ClickPointzand list your business in the Network Directory. The Directory is similar to YELP and TripAdvisor and includes a variety of popular features to showcase your business and drive traffic to your website.

Business Profile

Post your business profile including logo, contact info and website link.

Photo Highlights

Upload your organization’s photos to showcase your accomplishments.

Video Highlights

Upload your organization’s YouTube video to showcase your business.

Google Map

The interactive Google Map provides step-by-step directions to your location.

Membership Features

Jump Start Points

Use your points to shop, giveaway to customers, pay-it-forward, or donate to your favorite charity.

Directory Listings

List your business in the Network Directory and drive traffic to your website and location.

Online Shop

Setup and manage your online store and sell your digital products and services.

Job Board

Post your job listings on the Job Board. Candidates can browse listings and apply online.

Personal Landing Page

Your landing page with unique URL drives traffic, generates sales, and track your referrals.

eLearning Center

 The eLearning Center includes a variety of micro-courses you can take using your mobile device.

Affiliate Account

The affiliate account allows you to earn extra income marketing this program in your networks.


Participate in and benefit from the universal law of reciprocity – what goes around comes around.

Membership Plans

Join the Premium Membership and get 200,000 JumpStart Points added to your account!

Join the Network Today! You Can Cancel Anytime!

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